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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

What Should the Nurse Do?

Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingWhat Should the Nurse Do?

What Should the Nurse Do?

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Kim is the RN working with an eighty-year-old male, Asim, recently widowed and admitted from the primary care office after family members took him there out of concern for his mental state. Asim has been reclusive, refusing medication, and is not eating. Kim reviews the medical record and learns that Asim is Muslim with stated religious preference for the Islamic faith. Kim wants to use evidence-based decision making to formulate a plan of care. Combining the three components of EBP, what information should Kim access to plan care for Asim?

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An adolescent client has been admitted for self-harm behaviors. The client has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has been refusing insulin, dietary modifications, and medical care. As you approach this client, and plan person-centered care, what psychosocial nursing knowledge can guide your interaction?
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An older adult client complains of vague pain symptoms without specific signs. Diagnostic imaging has been negative. There is no history of injuries. For person-centered care, you consider there may be cultural aspects and you plan to open a therapeutic conversation with the client. How might you approach this topic?

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