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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Check Your Understanding Questions

Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingCheck Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
Describe five of the physical characteristics that you might see in a baby who has Down syndrome.
2 .
Outline the interventions that might be taken to provide treatment to a person with a communication disorder.
The family of a six-year-old with severe autism has just moved to a new town. The parents go to the elementary school to enroll their child and to inquire about services available to their child. Their child is nonverbal, has repetitive behaviors, especially when feeling stressed, and has a high sensitivity to light and noise. At this school, the teachers and school nurse work closely with the special education department and are well-versed on the services that are available in this school district.
3 .
Based on what you have learned in this section what are some services you would expect to be offered to this child?
4 .
What help might the family get from the school nurse?
5 .
What is one resource listed in this module that the parents could access for more information about autism?
6 .
Describe ways you can assist a parent to better understand the diagnosis of ADHD and the resources available to them.
7 .
What information would you need in order to develop a family care plan for a child with ADHD?
8 .
Describe the steps taken to provide treatment to someone with a learning disorder.
9 .
Describe five interventions that a nurse can teach a parent to use when implementing time-outs for a child or adolescent who needs help managing their behavior.

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