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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Check Your Understanding Questions

Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingCheck Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
What are the physiological changes that occur during the sexual response cycle?
2 .
What conflict might clients experience when medications affect an individual’s sexual response and cause distress?
3 .
What is the main factor that distinguishes a paraphilia from a diagnosis of paraphilic disorder?
4 .
To meet diagnostic criteria found in the DSM-5, what two conditions must be met for a diagnosis of exhibitionistic disorder?
5 .
How can a nurse’s intrapersonal experiences be related to the behavior of a client with a diagnosis of paraphilia?
6 .
What are two steps nurses could take when applying evidence-based nursing management of the client or family in distress related to a family member’s paraphilic disorder?
7 .
Identify at least three stressors often reported by clients who experience gender dysphoria.
8 .
What is one of the first things a nurse should consider when planning care for a client with gender dysphoria?
9 .
Identify two conflicting feelings that nurses may have when interacting with a client who has gender dysphoria.
10 .
Nurses may feel confused when asked by a family member if puberty blocker medications are safe for their child. What is the name of an international organization that could offer scientific information to help this family?

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