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Reflection Questions

1 .
How should the nurse respond to a question from a client who is concerned about whether a new medication will affect them sexually?
2 .
What experiences have you had within your family or community that have influenced the way you think about sexuality and sexual health?
3 .
What additional knowledge might you need to feel comfortable in discussing sexual health issues with your nursing clients?
4 .
What do you believe is the role nurses should play within the health-care team as it relates to providing safe and sensitive sexual health care?
5 .
Clients who experience sexual dysfunction and associated distress may benefit from the nurse who provides what kind of response?
6 .
Describe stressors reported by clients due to paraphilias.
7 .
Some clients may seek relief from psychological pain associated with paraphilic disorders. Identify two types of behavior that may exacerbate the client’s distress.
8 .
In providing care for an adult with gender dysphoria, what are some things you could do to plan gender-affirming care?
9 .
If family members are reluctant to consider medical treatments (e.g., puberty blocking hormones) for a prepubertal child with serious gender dysphoria, how would you prepare yourself to provide care to this family?

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