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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Competency-Based Assessments

Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingCompetency-Based Assessments

Competency-Based Assessments

1 .
As a clinical nurse, how might you differentiate between adaptive behaviors related to intellectual disability and those influenced by cultural factors?
2 .
Make a chart of the five types of communication disorders. Include a column for each diagnosis, a column for symptoms, and a column for treatment.
3 .
Think about the information you might need to develop a family care plan for a child with ASD. Write out aspects of a personalized plan.
4 .
As a clinical nurse, why is it essential for you to consider the unique strengths and challenges of the child when developing a family plan for ADHD?
5 .
What are the potential benefits of involving teachers and school personnel in the creation and implementation of the family plan for a child with ADHD?
6 .
How might the recognition of dyslexia in a school-aged child influence a nursing care plan, and what interdisciplinary collaborations could enhance the effectiveness of the plan?
7 .
How might you incorporate family-centered care principles when working with a child diagnosed with a motor coordination disorder, and what benefits could this approach bring to the child and family?
8 .
As a nursing student, make a plan to advocate for a child with Tourette syndrome within an educational setting. What considerations should be taken into account to create a supportive environment for the child?

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