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Reflection Questions

1 .
Consider how understanding the spectrum of mood disorders and their treatment options could be valuable in your nursing practice.
2 .
How would you summarize issues relating to depression to a person who is not a nurse?
3 .
What role does genetics play in the etiology of depression?
4 .
How might the symptoms of depression manifest differently in older adults compared with younger individuals?
5 .
Reflect on the complexities of nursing care for clients who self-harm or contemplate suicide and consider how you can provide compassionate and effective care.
6 .
How would you approach a conversation with a client who expresses suicidal ideation?
7 .
What role can nurses play in addressing NSSI?
8 .
How would you manage and prioritize interventions when caring for a client experiencing a manic episode in a psychiatric setting?
9 .
How does bipolar disorder differ from depressive disorders in terms of symptoms, mood fluctuations, and treatment options?

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