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Review Questions

1 .

What is a potential HIPAA infringement and unsecured PHI breach? Select all that apply.

  1. disclosing PHI in a conversation with someone outside of the health department
  2. accessing the computer to get information on a neighbor
  3. releasing a copy of a record to an unauthorized recipient
  4. asking the client if it is appropriate to share information
2 .
What is another name for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)?
  1. Trumpcare
  2. the Affordable Care Act
  3. HIPAA
  4. QSEN
3 .
In what circumstance does the nurse have a duty to warn?
  1. when a client is upset at a caregiver
  2. when a client is threatening another person
  3. when a client is using drugs
  4. when a client is pregnant
4 .

What are examples of invasion of privacy by nurses? Select all that apply.

  1. searching a client’s belongings without permission
  2. reviewing the plan for client care in the lunchroom
  3. discussing health-care issues for an unconscious client with his power of attorney
  4. releasing client health information to local newspaper reporters
5 .
The nurse’s role as the client’s advocate is to ensure that “safe, effective care” is provided in accordance with what guidelines?
  1. State Board of Medicine
  2. American Nursing Association (ANA)
  3. Nurse Practice Act
  4. Board of Nurse Examiners (BNE)
6 .
A disoriented and irrational client who is tugging at tubes and drains is placed into soft wrist restraints by the nurse. What is the nurse’s next step to get the provider to write a prescription for a restraint?
  1. obtain a twenty-four-hour, PRN prescription to avoid calling the provider during the night
  2. obtain a verbal or telephone prescription for restraints within one hour of initiation
  3. obtain a written prescription for restraints that is valid for forty-eight hours
  4. obtain a written prescription for restraints within twenty-four hours of initiation
7 .
What is the term for the client’s independent freedom to choose or consent?
  1. fidelity
  2. autonomy
  3. veracity
  4. nonmaleficence
8 .
What is the term for duty to do no harm or prevent harm?
  1. fidelity
  2. autonomy
  3. veracity
  4. nonmaleficence
9 .
What is meant by the term veracity?
  1. to verify
  2. to lie
  3. to tell the truth
  4. to be caring
10 .
How do nurses know if an action is within their scope of practice?
  1. Nurses should refer to the ANA’s scope and standards of practice.
  2. Nurses should refer to their employer.
  3. Nurses should ask the medical provider.
  4. Nurses should do an online search.
11 .
Who determines the nursing scope of practice?
  1. hospital policies and procedures
  2. local government
  3. the U.S. government
  4. professional nursing organizations
12 .
What does the term justice mean?
  1. to be fair and equitable
  2. a reasonable action
  3. to be right no matter the situation
  4. to take action against someone who is wrong

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