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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Check Your Understanding Questions

Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingCheck Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
What is stress, and how does the human body typically react?
2 .
Name and describe at least two coping strategies individuals might employ to manage stress.
3 .
How prevalent is anxiety in the general population, and how can it impact an individual’s daily life?
4 .
What are some common approaches to managing and treating anxiety, and how do they address the underlying issues?
5 .
What are the key characteristics of generalized anxiety disorder, and how does it differ from panic disorder and phobias?
6 .
How does exposure therapy work in the treatment of specific phobias?
7 .
What are some recognized causes or contributing factors to the development of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)?
8 .
What are the characteristic signs and symptoms of OCD?
9 .
What are some common treatment approaches for managing obsessive-compulsive disorder?
10 .
How can understanding the underlying causes and symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) influence a nurse’s approach to client care?
11 .
Why is recognizing and treating a person with a hoarding disorder particularly challenging, and how can nurses effectively navigate these challenges?
12 .
What unique nursing interventions are required for a person with excoriation, and how might these interventions differ from treatment for other disorders?
13 .
Explain how trauma might have an impact in developing the symptoms of dissociative disorders.
14 .
List the primary symptoms of DID, and explain how they might present in a client.

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