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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

What Should the Nurse Do?

Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingWhat Should the Nurse Do?

What Should the Nurse Do?

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Nurse Georgia, who works at a community mental health center, is talking with Susan, a sixteen-year-old female, who she has often seen in the waiting room when her mother has an appointment with the psychiatrist. Nurse Georgia notices how mature Susan is as she says that she is worried that she may get a parking ticket because the appointment is taking longer than expected. Nurse Georgia asks Susan how long she has been driving. Susan explains that she has had her driver’s license for six months but learned how to drive when she was fourteen just so she could get her mom to the hospital if there was an emergency. She also provides transportation for her younger siblings who both play sports after school. Susan explains that her dad left when her mom got really sick four years ago, and they do not see him very often. She says that she often prepares meals for her siblings and helps with the household chores. She is a junior in high school who does well in school, but is beginning to feel the pressure of her classes and has noticed her grades slipping recently.
Based on this conversation, what actions should Nurse Georgia take to ensure the safety and well-being of this client’s children, most specifically Susan?

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