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active listening
therapeutic technique in which the nurse listens to a client closely, asking questions as needed, to fully understand the content of the message and the depth of the client’s emotion
belief system
perceptions that influence behaviors
Clinical Judgment Measurement Model
framework for nurses to use to decipher the client’s problem
adhering to treatment recommendations
help-seeking pathway
directions that clients take for help with their health problems
nonverbal communication
type of communication where those involved are communicating without words
amount of space people prefer to have when engaging in conversation with others
psychosocial assessment
evaluation of a client’s mental health and social well-being; it assesses self-perception and the client’s ability to function in the community
where the nurse takes time to focus on self, their own words and actions, and reflects on the effectiveness of these in relation to a client interaction
interactive communication process wherein one person shares information about themselves in an appropriate context, modeling the behavior for others in the therapeutic relationship
therapeutic communication
when a nurse supports, draws out information for an assessment, or provokes deeper understanding on what a client is communicating
therapeutic relationship
healthy relationship that develops over time, is based on mutual trust and respect, and there is a nurturing of health, hope, wellness, empathy, and therapeutic interventions to help the client through their current encounter

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