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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Competency-Based Assessments

Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingCompetency-Based Assessments

Competency-Based Assessments

1 .
Compose a plan of care for an adult client who showed a change in condition resulting in revision of the plan of care.
2 .
Compose an end-of-shift/transfer of care report describing rationale for a revised care plan.
3 .
Survey your classmates asking what method or strategy they would use to prioritize a client’s needs as a guide to care planning. Summarize the results and present your findings to the class through face-to-face discussion or posting on your learning management system.
4 .
Read this research article about inpatient nurses in mental health facilities. In a group discussion or short essay, summarize one of the three themes found in this analysis and offer one strategy to address the concept.
5 .
What are the cues in this client’s presentation? Discuss in small groups face-to-face and compare with the class. Or, if online, post to the discussion thread on your learning management system and respond to two other posts.
Black and white photo of a short haired person covering their face with their hands on a gray background. Hands are weathered and no portion of the face is visible.
(credit: “Depression-2912424 1280” by “whoismargot”/Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)
6 .

You are charge RN on the Mental Health Unit with one LPN and two mental health techs. Dietary staff is at the unit door with the meal cart. This is the unit dayroom as you come on shift:

  • Dell and Ivory are playing cards and arguing over who is winning.
  • Alex is sleeping on the floor.
  • Shawn is standing by the window, twisting a piece of newspaper.
  • McKenna is curled up in a corner chair with hands over head.
  • Gusta and Mari are dancing and singing to music from the overhead television.
  • Dana is pacing with fists clenched and head down.
  • Cameron is tapping on the nurses’ station window.
  • Latrell is leaning against the unit exit door.
  • Pat rushes up to you as you walk in, laughing, and asking, “So when are you busting me out of here?”
  • Jaylen is sitting at a table reading the client admission packet.

Discuss in face-to-face small groups in the classroom and compare answers or post on your discussion thread on your learning management system and respond to at least two other posts.

  1. Which client do you approach first? State rationale.
  2. What assignment do you delegate? State rationale.

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