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Review Questions

1 .
Nurse Jon is caring for a client with severe anxiety. Their anxiety has recently increased so much that the client is unable to go to work. Identify the category of the continuum of mental health to mental wellness that applies to Nurse Jon's client.
  1. emotional problems or concerns
  2. well-being
  3. mental illness
  4. between well-being and emotional problems
2 .
Student nurse DeShawna just began clinical on a behavioral health unit. What is an example of a statement DeShawna may make that demonstrates her need for assistance?
  1. “I have completed all parts of the nursing assessment.”
  2. “This client seems fine so I did not complete a mental status exam.”
  3. “I have gathered the names of all the medications this client takes.”
  4. “I have assessed for suicidal ideation.”
3 .
What is the scope of psychiatric-mental health nursing practice?
  1. assessment, education, medication administration, and screening for suicide risk
  2. assessment, medical diagnosis, giving orders, writing prescriptions, admitting, and discharging
  3. assisting providers, assisting with ADLs, monitoring clients, offering support, promoting safety
  4. assessment, counseling, teaching coping skills, giving advice, listening
4 .
A psychiatric nurse is working in a community mental health center. They are completing an assessment on a 32-year-old pregnant female presenting with depression. They note that the client has not answered the questions about alcohol and tobacco use. Why is it important to gather this information?
  1. This information is not a pertinent part of the assessment process for a community mental health client.
  2. This information will help the health-care team in all aspects of caring for the client, especially since she is pregnant.
  3. This information is not important as it will have no long-term effects on the client’s unborn child.
  4. This information is optional in relation to mental health care.
5 .
A client of the local mental health clinic arrives for their appointment out of breath, hair a mess, and clothing askew. The receptionist tells the client, “You are fifteen minutes late. I will have to see if the doctor can still see you.” The client responds, “I know I am late. I can explain, my mother-in-law had a bad night. She lives with my husband and me. I am just so tired of taking care of her.” This example falls under what category of risk factors?
  1. genetic comorbidities
  2. psychological factors
  3. social factors
  4. victimization
6 .
Nurse Simon has just completed a psychosocial assessment of his client Juan. During the assessment, Nurse Simon listens to Juan and tries to make Juan feel respected by showing compassion and empathy. What method is Nurse Simon using?
  1. the therapeutic relationship
  2. risk assessment
  3. spiritual awareness
  4. resilience strategy
7 .
To keep the plan of care client-centered, what important assessment should the nurse do after identifying several risk factors for substance misuse in a client?
  1. contact a rehab center for an intake assessment
  2. perform a client strengths assessment
  3. ask the psychiatrist to screen for depression
  4. complete a health assessment
8 .
A nurse is teaching a therapeutic group about reducing the stigma of taking psychiatric medications. One of the participants raises his hand and states, “I don’t want to take medication because I am afraid what other people will think of me.” What is an appropriate response by the nurse?
  1. “Why do you care what other people think?”
  2. “You don’t need to tell anyone you are taking medication.”
  3. “Medication to help your brain is just as important as it is for any other body part.”
  4. “People can be really mean sometimes, can’t they?”
9 .
A person with mental illness does not want to seek care because of the shame they feel for being sick. What type of stigma is this related to?
  1. self-stigma
  2. caregiver stigma
  3. institutional stigma
  4. public stigma
10 .
A 45-year-old male with schizophrenia has been denied the rental of an apartment due to his mental health. Besides being illegal, what is this most closely related to?
  1. stigma
  2. prejudice
  3. discrimination
  4. hate crimes
11 .
A student nurse is studying for an exam on the recovery process. What is an example of a statement that demonstrates their understanding to their study group?
  1. “The majority of people with mental illness or substance use do not recover.”
  2. “The recovery process is dictated by the health-care team.”
  3. “Recovery is a nonlinear process based on instilling hope.”
  4. “In recovery, a client needs to advocate for themselves right from the start.”
12 .
Maria is trying to create a psychiatric-mental health wellness routine. She has just seen her therapist and is writing notes from their session about wellness. What is an example from her notes that would demonstrate her understanding?
  1. exercising sixty minutes three to five days per week
  2. exercising thirty minutes three to five days per week
  3. exercising forty-five minutes three to five days per week
  4. exercising sixty minutes seven days per week
13 .
What should the psychiatric nurse do to assist individuals and families to understand the recovery process and the resources available to them?
  1. psychoeducation
  2. create a care plan for them
  3. refer them to a psychiatrist
  4. refer them to a website to read on their own
14 .
A nurse wants to head a project to improve medication administration on their unit. They work with other nurses on the unit to find evidence-based practice. What type of a research project is this?
  1. qualitative
  2. PICOT
  3. mixed methods
  4. QI
15 .
Nurse Sheila makes adjustments to the client’s plan of care after talking with the client. This is most likely an example of what component of the EBP model?
  1. best available research
  2. client preferences
  3. nursing expertise
  4. review of evidence
16 .
A community psychiatric nurse is reviewing data to find gaps in the local health-care system. What type of service yields the best outcomes for the acutely ill client?
  1. wraparound services
  2. community health services
  3. facility mental health services
  4. individual therapy services
17 .
What should the nurse do to locate credible sources of research in order to practice evidence-based interventions?
  1. The nurse should ask a supervisor for help locating credible sources.
  2. The nurse should access CINAHL or another professional database.
  3. The nurse should perform a Wikipedia search.
  4. The nurse should ask a librarian to gather information for them.

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