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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Check Your Understanding Questions

Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingCheck Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .

Perceptions and beliefs regarding death and dying vary with different cultures. For each ethnicity, describe some of the common perceptions of death and dying in the culture

Ethnicity Cultural Perception of Death and Dying
American Indians/Alaska Native  
Asian American  
Black American  
Filipino American  
Japanese American  
Jewish American  
Mexican American  
Vietnamese American  
2 .
Describe social concerns regarding abuse and violence.
3 .
Discuss emotional concerns for victims of abuse and violence.
4 .
Explain crisis care and intervention.
5 .
Outline ways client abuse and violence can be dealt with in the clinical environment.
6 .
How do emotional factors contribute to the development of anger and aggression?
7 .
What societal issues are linked with uncontrolled anger and violence?

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