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4.1 Foundations of Neurobiology

This section provided a review of the components and functions of the nervous system relative to mental health disorders nurses encounter in practice. It explained how neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, endocrine functioning, and hormones, affect human behavior. Their presence/absence or proper functioning can heavily influence expressions of mental health disorders.

4.2 Psychopharmacology

The nursing role when it comes to psychopharmaceuticals is to assess for mental health symptoms and medications, collaborate with the client to recognize medication barriers and engage in nursing interventions to combat them, and identify side effects and adverse events of psychopharmaceutical agents. This section provided knowledge for skills associated with medications used to treat a variety of mental health disease states and the indications, risks, and population considerations related to these medications.

4.3 Innovations in Mental Health

Advances and modernization in medicine and technology have improved the science and delivery of mental health care over the past 60 years. In doing so, these innovations have increased access to care, decreased stigma, and broadened treatment approaches to appeal to more consumers, some who might be wary of traditional pharmaceutical methods. Advancing innovations in knowledge for mental health care and delivery systems is critical to achieve optimal client outcomes.


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