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28.1 Nursing Process

This section addresses the nursing process in PMH nursing and the critical thinking involved. Nursing judgment is applied throughout the nurse-client relationship. The nurse engages in personal reflection as the plan of care unfolds. The nurse utilizes data collection from available sources, and interprets the data for its meaning in client care. The nurse and client collaborate to set goals and formulate a plan. Nurses provide competent practice that is evidence-based. The plan of care is adapted to stated outcomes of care and client needs. The nurse’s clinical judgment guides the process through all phases of the therapeutic relationship.

28.2 Measurement of Clinical Judgment

This section addressed measuring nursing judgment, specifically on the licensure examination, and in nursing practice. Critical thinking and clinical judgment develop in nursing practice over time and through models like the CJMM. Schools of nursing evaluate these skills for successful completion of academic courses. The NCLEX evaluates these skills prior to licensure as a professional nurse. Nurses must act efficiently and safely, while identifying and seeking to meet client care goals.

28.3 Applying Clinical Judgment to Client Care through Unfolding Case Study Dissection

This section has presented concepts for critical thinking in clinical decision-making in PMH nursing. Recognizing that client care is complex, NCLEX presents test items to evaluate nurses’ ability to manage these variations. Clinical judgment skills continue in licensed practice. Successfully stabilizing a client’s anxiety, pain, or fear will enhance outcomes of care. In addition, nurses are likely to feel personally rewarded in their careers.


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