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Reflection Questions

1 .
The WHO definition of empowerment is a multidimensional social process through which all people can gain a better understanding and control of their lives and their statements. What additional processes are included in the process of empowerment?
2 .
In mental health recovery, agency plays a large role as the client begins to return the ability to be in charge of their lives and become the owner of their thoughts, feelings, actions. Describe how people can lose agency in their lives and how it can affect their mental health.
3 .
What can be the result when mental health problems interfere with decision-making?
4 .
How could a new nurse include clients’ self-advocacy in their own nursing practice?
5 .
Explain the role of a nurse as a client advocate in mental health. What are some ethical principles related to client advocacy, and how do they contribute to improved quality of care, client empowerment, and safety?
6 .
Nurses can champion social justice for all clients, especially mental health clients, by facilitating clients’ access to health resources, addressing inequalities in health-care delivery, and identifying and confronting rules or policies in a health-care system that are inappropriate. Identify other ways that nurses can advocate for social justice in the health-care system.

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