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A color photograph of a group of health-care providers sitting around a table looking at a client holding his head.
Figure 3.1 Psychiatric-mental health nurses are important members of the interdisciplinary team that collaborates to evaluate and treat clients. (credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Lillian Moreno, Public Domain)

In the psychiatric-mental health (PMH) specialty, the nurse provides holistic care, using the skills of observation, interaction, assessment, and collaboration. The client’s safety and stability are the goals of care. The nurse also benefits from the helping relationship through professional growth. One critical factor that influences communication is self-awareness. The nurse should take time to reflect on how well they communicate and if there is a need for improvement. Nurses must learn to communicate with awareness of tone of voice, body language, nonverbal cues, preconceived views of clients, and the correct information to guide the client into a therapeutic relationship. This chapter presents the nursing techniques of therapeutic communication within the nurse-client relationship, the client’s experience, and specific guidelines for nursing care.


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