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Reflection Questions

1 .
As a psychiatric-mental health nurse, how will you use the American Psychiatric Nurses Association to help guide your practice?
2 .
As a nurse considering a higher nursing degree, how will you determine the quality and accreditation of various programs?
3 .
How does your health-care organization decide the guidelines for nursing practice?
4 .
What criticisms of the DSM do you feel are valid?
5 .
How can you utilize the DSM in your practice?
6 .
What are some important factors in nursing documentation concerning the plan of care?
7 .
Explain problem identification in PMH nursing care planning. How do nurses identify and prioritize actual or potential problems related to a client’s mental health condition?
8 .
Describe how a recovery-oriented approach influences the nurse’s therapeutic relationship, communication, and empowerment of individuals in mental health care.
9 .
An adult client experiencing an acute psychotic episode continually disrobes and walks out into the populated areas of the mental health unit. The client cannot follow verbal direction or accept oral medication. The nurses select seclusion as the intervention. What is the nurses’ rationale and what other action will the nurses take? How might the nurses feel about this intervention and what will they do about their concerns?
10 .
Discuss the challenges that nurses face in adhering to the scope of practice in mental health nursing. How do challenges like diagnostic overshadowing, coercion, and ethical concerns impact the nurse’s ability to provide effective care?

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