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central limit theorem for sums 7.2 The Central Limit Theorem for Sums
coefficient of determination 12.3 The Regression Equation
complement 3.1 Terminology
continuity correction factor 7.3 Using the Central Limit Theorem
continuous random variable 5.3 The Exponential Distribution
cumulative distribution function (CDF) 5.3 The Exponential Distribution
geometric distribution 4.4 Geometric Distribution
goodness-of-fit test 11.2 Goodness-of-Fit Test
Least-Squares Line 12.3 The Regression Equation
least-squares regression line 12.3 The Regression Equation
Line of Best Fit 12.3 The Regression Equation
linear regression 12.2 Scatter Plots
long-term relative frequency 3.1 Terminology
sampling variability of a statistic 2.7 Measures of the Spread of the Data
single population proportion 9.3 Distribution Needed for Hypothesis Testing
standard normal distribution 6.1 The Standard Normal Distribution
Sum of Squared Errors (SSE) 12.3 The Regression Equation
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