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Review Questions

b. The nurse will see increased participation if activities are scheduled during regular school hours. Youth often have conflicts related to athletics, academics, work, or provision of sibling care after school hours.
b. A process evaluation focuses on the implementation process to determine if the program has been implemented as planned and in the most efficient way.
d. The nurse will prepare tools to gather data from multiple sources after the evaluation design is chosen.
d. The nurse should use images and language that represent the target population to promote an inclusive environment.
c. Earned income is an internal funding stream the organization uses to support programs. Earned income includes funds earned through fee for service, consultation, reimbursement, and product sales.
c. Including members of the target population in program planning, recruitment, implementation, and evaluation is the best method to ensure sociocultural and linguistic needs are met.
d. Community lack of interest in the program may indicate that the program no longer meets community needs.
c. Impact evaluation measures the degree that the community health program achieves its primary goal. Most often, community health assessment data is used to evaluate the impact of existing community health programs. Pre-program CHA data and CHA data collected after the program was implemented are used to determine long-term impact.
a. Sustainability is defined as the continuation of community health programs by decreasing dependence on one source of funding and shifting to a new funding stream because the program is valued, cost and resource efficient, effective, and supported by the community.
b. Billboards reach a broad audience quickly and are used to increase community awareness of health issues and events.

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