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A nurse is planning a community program to decrease youth substance misuse. Which strategy could the nurse implement to promote participant recruitment?
  1. Hold meetings in evening at a local church
  2. Integrate activities into the regular school schedule
  3. Collaborate with the school principal when developing materials
  4. Assess parent and guardian perceptions of youth substance misuse
The nurse evaluates how activities were implemented and what resources were needed to carry out a community health program. Which type of evaluation is the nurse using?
  1. Formative
  2. Process
  3. Outcome
  4. Impact
A nurse using the CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health has chosen the evaluation design in collaboration with program partners. Which evaluation activity represents the next step using the framework?
  1. Developing program goals, objectives, and activities
  2. Creating a logic model of the community health program
  3. Sharing results with program partners and the community
  4. Preparing data collection tools to gather from multiple data sources
The nurse is developing communication materials for a community health program. What action should the nurse take to create materials incorporating the needs of the intended target population?
  1. Use medical terminology to increase health literacy
  2. Write in the passive voice and end with the key message
  3. Plan to only release the communication on social media sites
  4. Use images and language that represent the target population
Which of the following is an internal funding stream the nurse could utilize for community health programs?
  1. Grants
  2. Sponsorships
  3. Earned income
  4. Indirect funding
When planning a community health program, which is the best method to ensure the target population’s sociocultural and linguistic needs are met?
  1. Incorporate knowledge about the culture into activities
  2. Hire an interpreter to assist with program delivery
  3. Include community members in program planning and implementation
  4. Ensure staff are culturally competent
The nurse is analyzing the sustainability of a community health program. Which finding would indicate that a program may need to be discontinued?
  1. Partner support and resources are adequate.
  2. New funding sources need to be identified.
  3. Program goals and objectives have been met.
  4. Attendance is low due to community lack of interest.
Which data source would a nurse use to perform an impact evaluation of an existing community health program?
  1. Participant surveys completed prior to and on the final day of the program
  2. Participant surveys completed prior to and 90 days following the program
  3. Local community health assessment prior to and following the program
  4. Local community health assessment following program conclusion
Which action by the nurse is an example of community health program sustainability?
  1. Soliciting another funding source to continue a program
  2. Using the same funding source to offer a program
  3. Decreasing the number of community partners
  4. Discontinuing the program due to lack of interest
The nurse is looking at different tools to communicate efficiently with the community. Which health activity would be appropriate for the nurse to communicate using a billboard?
  1. Providing health education to an identified at-risk population
  2. Increasing community awareness of common health issues
  3. Prompting discussion regarding common health issues
  4. Recruiting partners for a community health program

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