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Which action should the nurse perform when teaching a client with LEP and who is from a culture different than their own?
  1. Use accurate medical terms
  2. Assume the client has basic math skills
  3. Perform a health literacy assessment
  4. Research practices of the client’s culture online
A community health nurse has taken the Promoting Cultural and Linguistic Competency Self-Assessment Checklist for Personnel Providing Primary Health Care Services and is reviewing the results. Which action describes how the results of this self-assessment checklist should be utilized?
  1. To identify areas for self-improvement
  2. To determine readiness for job advancement
  3. To rate job performance
  4. To discipline an employee
Which action by a health care organization is an example of a leadership commitment to cultural competence?
  1. Developing a policy for use of trained interpreters
  2. Enhancing client satisfaction
  3. Improving health care outcomes
  4. Increasing health care access to all individuals
Which action by a nurse promotes a welcoming environment for culturally diverse clients?
  1. Calling the client by the name on their birth certificate
  2. Using a family member to interpret for a client with LEP
  3. Displaying brochures and posters that represent diversity
  4. Providing a client’s bill of rights in languages other than English
Which action by a nurse working at a community health center is an example of using the ACCESS model of transcultural care?
  1. Utilizing a standardized plan of care
  2. Developing the plan of care with the client
  3. Using a plan of care developed for a specific cultural group
  4. Collaborating with other nurses to develop the plan of care
Which action by a health care organization demonstrates the development of a culturally and linguistically competent plan to meet the needs of diverse populations of the community?
  1. Informing the community about their cultural needs
  2. Collaborating with community leaders
  3. Developing strategies that have worked at other health care organizations
  4. Developing consistent strategies that will not change over time
A nurse is evaluating the effectiveness of a cultural competence training program. Which outcome is the nurse most likely to measure?
  1. Increase in client acuity levels
  2. Reduction in health care costs
  3. Improvement in client satisfaction scores
  4. Decrease in client wait times
A nurse is a member of an interdisciplinary committee whose goal is to develop a culturally and linguistically competent organization. Which action by the committee would help to meet this goal?
  1. Develop an organizational mission statement for cultural competence
  2. Encourage each department to develop a cultural competency plan
  3. Encourage employees to find ways to develop their cultural competence
  4. Hire individuals with the most work experience
Using the National CLAS as a guide, which service should be offered to clients who have LEP?
  1. Availability of interpreter services at a minimal fee
  2. Language assistance in the client’s preferred language
  3. Interpretation services using family members
  4. Trained interpretation within 48 hours of hospital admission
Which action by a community health center demonstrates its commitment to providing a welcoming environment for LGBTQIA+ individuals?
  1. Clearly marking restrooms for men and women
  2. Including options other than male/female on intake forms
  3. Using pronouns consistent with outward appearance
  4. Avoiding asking about sexual orientation

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