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Problem 25-1
Problem 25-3
A, B, and C are the same.
Problem 25-6
L-Erythrose; 2S,3S
D-Xylose; 2R,3S,4R
D-Xylulose; 3S,4R
Problem 25-9
16 D and 16 L aldoheptoses
Problem 25-15
Problem 25-17
D-Galactitol has a plane of symmetry and is a meso compound, whereas D-glucitol is chiral.
Problem 25-18
The −CHO end of L-gulose corresponds to the −CH2OH end of D-glucose after reduction.
Problem 25-19
D-Allaric acid has a symmetry plane and is a meso compound, but D-glucaric acid is chiral.
Problem 25-20
D-Allose and D-galactose yield meso aldaric acids; the other six D-hexoses yield optically active aldaric acids.
Problem 25-21
D-Allose + D-altrose
Problem 25-23
D-Xylose and D-lyxose
Problem 25-25
The hemiacetal ring is reduced.
The hemiacetal ring is oxidized.
All hydroxyl groups are acetylated.
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