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Review Questions

a. Because the gastrointestinal tract is a long, hollow tube, closing off the tube in any area causes any contents to flow backward. Stool will backflow into the stomach because it cannot move forward to the anus to exit the body.
c. Tympany on percussion signifies air, and emptiness in an area would indicate flatus.
a. The client’s symptoms are associated with epiglottitis, and using a tongue blade, depressor, or laryngoscope to exam the throat or mouth could trigger a laryngospasm and respiratory distress.
d. The large intestine, or colon, is where the most water is absorbed.
b. The guaiac test detects blood in the stool.
b. Hyposecretion of hydrochloric acid and protective mucus occurs in older adults and decreases absorption of vitamin B12.
a. Palm oil is a saturated fat that can cause gut imbalance, raise bad cholesterol, increase the risk for colon cancer, and promote heart disease.
b. Yogurt with active yeast cultures has been shown to support the microbiome and prevent some of the side effects related to long-term antibiotic use.
c. Lactobacillus has been shown to be supportive of the microbiome while the others are known to be harmful.
d. Gut homeostasis is supported by eating whole grains, unless the person has a sensitivity to gluten.

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