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Calculus Volume 3

Key Equations

Calculus Volume 3Key Equations

Key Equations

Vector field in 22 F(x,y)=P(x,y),Q(x,y)F(x,y)=P(x,y),Q(x,y)
Vector field in 33 F(x,y,z)=P(x,y,z),Q(x,y,z),R(x,y,z)F(x,y,z)=P(x,y,z),Q(x,y,z),R(x,y,z)
Calculating a scalar line integral Cf(x,y,z)ds=abf(r(t))(x(t))2+(y(t))2+(z(t))2dtCf(x,y,z)ds=abf(r(t))(x(t))2+(y(t))2+(z(t))2dt
Calculating a vector line integral CF·ds=CF· Tds=abF (r(t))· r(t)dtCF·ds=CF· Tds=abF (r(t))· r(t)dt
Calculating flux CF·n(t)n(t)ds=abF(r(t))·n(t)dtCF·n(t)n(t)ds=abF(r(t))·n(t)dt
Fundamental Theorem for Line Integrals Cf·dr=f(r(b))f(r(a))Cf·dr=f(r(b))f(r(a))
Circulation of a conservative field over curve C that encloses a simply connected region Cf·dr=0Cf·dr=0
Green’s theorem, circulation form CPdx+Qdy=DQxPydA,CPdx+Qdy=DQxPydA, where C is the boundary of D
Green’s theorem, flux form CF·dr=DQxPydA,CF·dr=DQxPydA, where C is the boundary of D
Green’s theorem, extended version DF·dr=DQxPydADF·dr=DQxPydA
Curl ×F=(RyQz)i+(PzRx)j+(QxPy)k×F=(RyQz)i+(PzRx)j+(QxPy)k
Divergence ·F=Px+Qy+Rz·F=Px+Qy+Rz
Divergence of curl is zero ·(×F)=0·(×F)=0
Curl of a gradient is the zero vector ×(f)=0×(f)=0
Scalar surface integral Sf(x,y,z)dS=Df(r(u,v))||tu×tv||dASf(x,y,z)dS=Df(r(u,v))||tu×tv||dA
Flux integral SF·NdS=SF·dS=DF(r(u,v))·(tu×tv)dASF·NdS=SF·dS=DF(r(u,v))·(tu×tv)dA
Stokes’ theorem CF·dr=ScurlF·dSCF·dr=ScurlF·dS
Divergence theorem EdivFdV=SF·dSEdivFdV=SF·dS
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