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World History Volume 1, to 1500

Check Your Understanding Questions

World History Volume 1, to 1500Check Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .

Use the map provided to identify the following empires at their height: Hammurabi’s Empire, the Hittite Empire, the Neo-Assyrian Empire. Match A, B, and C to the respective empire.

A section of a map is shown with two bodies of water at the top of the map, at the left, and along the bottom. Land is shown in the bottom left, a rectangular peninsula in the middle, and more land in the top right.  There is sparse land in the top left. The land is yellow and the water is blue. Lines of longitude and latitude can be seen in the water. In the land toward the top left corner, there is an area circled in dark blue and labeled with “A.” A larger area overlapping the lower right side of the dark blue section and in a barbell shape is labeled “B” and circled in dark yellow. A small oval area within the right side of the dark yellow area is circled in red and labeled “C.”
2 .
What led to the fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire in the late seventh century BCE?
3 .
What methods did Near Eastern kingdoms, city-states, and empires use to gather intelligence about their neighbors, rivals, and vassals?
4 .
What were the consequences of the Hyksos migrations?
5 .
How did Egypt maintain its influence in Canaan during the New Kingdom?
6 .
Describe the scale of the Persian Empire during the reign of Darius I.
7 .
What are some similarities between Christianity and Zoroastrianism?
8 .
What evidence supports the existence of the united monarchy of Israel?
9 .
How did the Babylonian exile affect the faith of the Judeans?
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