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Review Questions

1 .
What Near Eastern empire was centered in Anatolia?
  1. Old Babylonian Empire
  2. Neo-Babylonian Empire
  3. Hittite Empire
  4. Neo-Assyrian Empire
2 .
What was the purpose of the Neo-Assyrian practice now called “calculated frightfulness”?
  1. to settle depopulated lands
  2. to demonstrate the cost of rebellion
  3. to appease the gods
  4. to acquire tin
3 .
What were the four primary social classes in Neo-Assyrian society?
  1. nobles, professionals, peasants, the enslaved
  2. nobles, farmers, bankers, peasants
  3. kings, scribes, landowners, the enslaved
  4. kings, farmers, priests, the enslaved
4 .
What did the gift-giving ceremonies carried out between empires by their ambassadors demonstrate?
  1. good will
  2. hostile intentions
  3. military might
  4. divine support
5 .
What method did ancient city-states and empires use to acquire territory through peaceful means?
  1. tribute
  2. intermarriage
  3. espionage
  4. war
6 .
Where did the Hyksos people come from?
  1. Canaan
  2. Nubia
  3. Assyria
  4. Babylonia
7 .
What Egyptian pharaoh completed the task of driving the Hyksos from the Nile delta?
  1. Seqenenre Tao II
  2. Kamose
  3. Hatshepsut
  4. Ahmose
8 .
To what now-mysterious place did Queen Hatshepsut send an expedition to gather exotic plants, animals, precious metals, and spices?
  1. Punt
  2. Anatolia
  3. Libya
  4. Canaan
9 .
Whom did Akhenaten want the people of Egypt to worship exclusively?
  1. Aton
  2. Re
  3. Amun
  4. the pharaoh
10 .
What Persian king conquered the Neo-Babylonians?
  1. Cyrus II
  2. Cambyses II
  3. Darius I
  4. Bardiya
11 .
According to Zoroastrianism, what happens to people when they die?
  1. They go to heaven.
  2. They sleep until final judgment.
  3. They become gods.
  4. They are reborn as animals.
12 .
After Darius I’s reorganization, who controlled the individual governing regions of the empire?
  1. priests
  2. Judeans
  3. generals
  4. satraps
13 .
What happened to the Judeans when they were attacked by the Neo-Babylonians in the early sixth century BCE?
  1. They were deported to Babylon.
  2. They fled to Egypt.
  3. They became Phoenicians.
  4. They became allies of Persia.
14 .
According to the Hebrew Bible, where did Abraham originally come from?
  1. Canaan
  2. Egypt
  3. Mesopotamia
  4. Anatolia
15 .
Which of the following is consistent with the laws God gave to Moses?
  1. eating pork
  2. eating shrimp
  3. worshipping only Yahweh
  4. worshipping only Ahura Mazda
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