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World History Volume 1, to 1500

Check Your Understanding Questions

World History Volume 1, to 1500Check Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
To which genus and species do modern humans belong? What were some of the other human species and what happened to them?
2 .
In what ways was language a useful tool for modern humans?
3 .
What evidence supports the claim that Neanderthals and Homo sapiens may have mated?
4 .
Why do most scholars now dismiss the idea that Paleolithic cave paintings were designed to be popularly admired by those groups that created them?
5 .
How would scholars describe the religious traditions of hunter-gatherer peoples, and what evidence might they use?
6 .
What types of tools might have helped ancient humans migrating into cold environments and why?
7 .
What do you imagine would have happened if a Paleolithic hunter-gatherer community grew too large for the surrounding resources to support? Why?
8 .
Why might some groups have decided not to adopt agriculture?
9 .
How did the relationship between men and women change with the advent of agriculture?
10 .
How did agriculture lead to the development of social hierarchies?
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