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Written Questions

32 .
How could templates help your professional presence as a business consultant? Explain.
33 .
What is the objective and general form of a business card? Explain.
34 .
What are the similarities and differences between a brochure and a flyer?
35 .
What are some advantages of using mail merge?
36 .
Describe the process of inserting fields into the main document.
37 .
Describe the various content control fields used in creating fillable forms.
38 .
Explain the purpose of the combo box control.
39 .
Describe the process of submitting a template to Google. Why do you think Google allows only certain users to publish templates for others to use?
40 .
How do you use a Word template in Docs?
41 .
What are the advantages of Forms over the .dotx surveys you can produce in Word?
42 .
What is the objective of a public link?
43 .
What are the main differences between a Public link and an Anyone with the link shareable links?
44 .
How is Editing access different from Commenting access in a Doc?
45 .
Explain a potential concern you might have using a public link for collaboration on document.

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