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Practice Exercises

19 .
Design an invoice for the sales of screen panels using a Microsoft template. The client wants 25 LEDs with 64” screens, 99 LCDs with 55” screens, and 15 QLEDs with 75” screens. Use the following information:
Client: Doe’s Electronics
Client Address: 123 Doe Street, Doe City, Virginia, 12345
Use today’s date to date the invoice. Search for the unit price of these TVs on the internet.
20 .
At this point in your life, you might have a résumé of your own. Let’s look at it critically and revise it. Choose a template as described in the chapter, then copy and paste your information into the résumé you are updating for yourself.
21 .
Write a business memo for your department at WorldCorp using one of the Microsoft memo templates. The memo should announce to WorldCorp employees that there is a new set of company brand guidelines, and that all employees at WorldCorp need to upgrade their logos and design in their letterheads, envelopes, and business cards.
22 .
Use mail merge to create envelopes using the names/addresses we used in the example in the chapter. Use a fictional WorldCorp address found on the main document as the return address.
23 .
WorldCorp is sending a letter to its clients thanking them for their participation in a survey. Write the “thank you form letter” for the main document from scratch, or use one of the templates from Redtail Technology. Adjust the merge fields as needed to include the company name. Add five company names, street addresses, city, state, and zip code by creating a new list as outlined in the chapter. These five names and addresses can be made up, or you can use the data in the downloadable List Names worksheet. Perform the mail merge of the “thank you form letter,” and use the Edit Individual Documents command for the final mail merge.
24 .
Design a new form for your WorldCorp coworkers. You are holding training sessions on the new company-wide computer system, and you need to know when your coworkers can come. Attendance is mandatory, but the coworkers can choose their own time slot and date. Make a form with the necessary information (name, position, department, time, date).
25 .
Create a form that could be used when contacting a new business client for cell phone/tablets for employees. You will want to gather enough information about their needs to provide them an accurate quote for monthly costs. Information that you will collect could be decision maker’s contact information, number of employees, estimated usage of phones/data, how many phones/tablets might be needed, and other related information. Be creative in selecting the correct question type for the correct form controls.
26 .
Go to the Extensions menu in Docs. Find a free add-on for business cards. Install the add-on and create business cards using your own information.
27 .
Find an invoice template from the Google user-generated templates and create a generic invoice. Find an image, as a symbol or simple design, to add to the invoice.
28 .
Use Forms to create a party invitation from scratch. You want to collect names and see how many people plan on attending a party you are hosting. You might consider what type of party you are planning (e.g., a graduation party) and other relevant information in order to generate appropriate questions. Consider adding questions about food allergies or preferences when creating the invitation.
29 .
Find a template for a customer feedback survey. Modify the template with a different theme and font style. Change a couple of the questions to different question types and reorder the questions.
30 .
Write a sample business memo to your WorldCorp coworkers, describing the upcoming market trends report. Create the memo in Docs. Using the Publish to web option, publish the document to the web using the two methods: link and embed.
31 .
Create a Doc detailing a plan for completing an assignment for one of your classes. You could create the plan based on when the assignment is due and include items such as the date on which you will begin work on it, what you will need to complete the task, and other related items. Share the Doc with a friend using the skills in the section. Change the permissions so that the friend can add comments and edit the Doc.

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