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Case Exercises

46 . is a company that helps entrepreneurs set up a user-friendly email advertisement campaign. It has lengthy guidelines on how to design a professional email ad and lots of infographics and screen captures of excellent examples.
Now that you are more knowledgeable on email ads, design your own brief “flyer”-type email. Go to Microsoft’s template page and type "flyer" into the search bar to find a flyer template that you like. Try to implement the lessons from when you design your own.
The flyer can be about a product or organization you are familiar with, such as a school group or the brand of cell phone you use. Include a description of the product or organization and the overall features that are appealing.
47 .
Use the form that you just completed for the Practice Exercise about new customer leads. Using the skills you learned in Mail Merge in Microsoft Word, create a mail merge to send this form via email to the five recipients we used in that section. You will need to create fictional email addresses. You can use the format first initial + last for this exercise. Include yourself (use your real email address) so that you can see how mail merge for emails works. (Note: When you complete the mail merge, you will get undeliverable email error messages because you used fictional email addresses.)
48 .
You have been hired to your “dream job.” How could you use the Google Survey feature in your chosen profession?

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