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University Physics Volume 1

Challenge Problems

University Physics Volume 1Challenge Problems

Challenge Problems


The truck shown below is initially at rest with solid cylindrical roll of paper sitting on its bed. If the truck moves forward with a uniform acceleration a, what distance s does it move before the paper rolls off its back end? (Hint: If the roll accelerates forward with aa, then is accelerates backward relative to the truck with an acceleration aaaa. Also, Rα=aaRα=aa.)

A drawing of a flatbed truck on a horizontal road. The truck is accelerating forward with acceleration a. The bed of the truck has a cylinder on it, a distance d from the back end of the bed.

A bowling ball of radius 8.5 cm is tossed onto a bowling lane with speed 9.0 m/s. The direction of the toss is to the left, as viewed by the observer, so the bowling ball starts to rotate counterclockwise when in contact with the floor. The coefficient of kinetic friction on the lane is 0.3. (a) What is the time required for the ball to come to the point where it is not slipping? What is the distance d to the point where the ball is rolling without slipping?


A small ball of mass 0.50 kg is attached by a massless string to a vertical rod that is spinning as shown below. When the rod has an angular velocity of 6.0 rad/s, the string makes an angle of 30°30° with respect to the vertical. (a) If the angular velocity is increased to 10.0 rad/s, what is the new angle of the string? (b) Calculate the initial and final angular momenta of the ball. (c) Can the rod spin fast enough so that the ball is horizontal?

A vertical rod is spinning on its axis. A string is attached to the top of the rod at one end and a ball at the other end. The string hangs down at an angle from the rod.

A bug flying horizontally at 1.0 m/s collides and sticks to the end of a uniform stick hanging vertically. After the impact, the stick swings out to a maximum angle of 5.0°5.0° from the vertical before rotating back. If the mass of the stick is 10 times that of the bug, calculate the length of the stick.

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