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Principles of Marketing

Building Your Personal Brand

Principles of MarketingBuilding Your Personal Brand

Can you honestly say that you “own” who you are? Do your habits and mannerisms belong to you? Are you comfortable in your skin?

In her TED Talk, Harvard professor Amy Cuddy discusses how body language impacts how others perceive you. Our nonverbals give others a perception about who we are and how we are feeling. Our body language conveys dominance, much like animals do to show their power. Our posture and the space that we take up signals confidence. But sometimes we take cues from others. If our conversation partner is showing dominance, our body language might shrink in response. It turns out that posing for dominance changes the way we think and act. So use body language to your advantage next time you are trying to make an impression.17

Watch Amy Cuddy’s video “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are” and develop a perspective on how you can use body language to develop your personal brand. Specifically, write a 1-to-2-page document outlining what you will start doing and what you will stop doing, and explain why. Your professor might even enjoy seeing a photo of your “power pose.”

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