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Principles of Marketing

Building Your Personal Brand

Principles of MarketingBuilding Your Personal Brand

Consider what sustainability and social responsibility mean to you. How do they impact your life and your activities? Is it in a positive, negative, or neutral way?

Let this information guide you in creating your authentic self. Develop your awareness of the ways that you can support the movements that speak to you. For instance, if you have strong beliefs in helping to create a cleaner environment, find activities that support that. Think clean stream, neighborhood beautification, or teaching children recycling, all the while making sure that you are genuine in upholding those concepts in your life. The list of opportunities is multilayered and unlimited.

Write 200–400 words outlining your personal brand as it relates to sustainability and social responsibility. How is your personal brand impacted by these concepts now? With these concepts in mind, how would you like your personal brand to evolve?

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