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Review Questions

b. This question best reflects a nonjudgmental approach to discussing a client’s substance use.
a. In the 1990s, health care professionals’ increased prescribing of prescription opioids marked the start of the opioid epidemic.
d. By assigning tasks and maintaining boundaries, the nurse is applying the principle of trustworthiness and transparency.
c. By introducing themself and explaining their role in the session, the nurse is incorporating trauma-informed care into their practice.
d. Recent research indicates more than half of this age group experiences suicidal ideations or thoughts of self-harm.
a. Public stigma involves negative attitudes others have about mental illness.
d. Common types of labor trafficking include people forced to work as farmworkers, domestic servants, and factory workers.
b. The language people use, including by health care professionals (HCPs), can contribute to stigma and discrimination against people with SUDs.
c. Human traffickers will attempt to keep the victims isolated and try to control their actions.
c. Refugees’ health status is influenced by conditions in their home countries, conditions during their travel, and conditions present in their camp.

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