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Which of the following is a social determinant of health?
  1. Where you live
  2. Health behaviors
  3. Genetic makeup
  4. Age
What is the main driver of economic stability?
  1. Health
  2. Food cost
  3. Employment
  4. Transportation access
Which of the following neighborhood factors is considered an adverse childhood experience?
  1. Absence of sidewalks to walk to school safely
  2. Access to green spaces
  3. Relying on readily accessible public transportation
  4. Exposure to crime and violence
What is the connection between education and health?
  1. Attending a lower-quality school is associated with health literary
  2. Higher education means higher socioeconomic position
  3. Higher educational attainment is associated with higher health literacy rates
  4. Health is not adversely impacted by the quality of education
Which of the following activities is an example of building social capital?
  1. Volunteering at the local community center
  2. Attending parent-teacher conferences at the school
  3. Composting in your own backyard
  4. Utilizing the library to check out movies
Which of the following scenarios is an example of health equity?
  1. Providing mobile health screenings for individuals without transportation
  2. Offering clinic appointments during standard business operating hours
  3. Providing a health education session in English only
  4. Offering all clients a fasting glucose screening at age 40
Which of the following is an example of a health disparity?
  1. BIPOC clients who are pregnant experience the highest rates of infant mortality
  2. Heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of death across race, gender, and ethnicity
  3. Older adults have worse overall health outcomes compared with young adults
  4. Professional tennis players tend to have a higher prevalence of elbow injuries
How much does clinical care impact an individual’s health outcomes?
  1. 34 percent
  2. 10 percent
  3. 20 percent
  4. 47 percent
Why does the nurse assess the SDOH when caring for individuals and their families in the community?
  1. The SDOH have a significant impact on the health, wellness, and quality of life of individuals and families
  2. By assessing the SDOH, the nurse can standardize interventions based on where the individual and family reside
  3. Because nursing is founded on the principle of social justice
  4. The nurse wants to investigate the reasons why certain individuals and families have asthma
The community health nurse is looking for a way to improve heart health. Within the framework of the SDOH and upstream thinking, what contributing factor to improving heart health would the nurse most likely focus on within the community?
  1. Vaping
  2. Low levels of physical activity
  3. Lack of safe places to exercise
  4. Unhealthy diet

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