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Which action would the nurse perform in the policy formulation phase of the stage-sequential model of policy development?
  1. Carrying out a food inspection in a restaurant
  2. Collecting data on communicable diseases
  3. Developing goals and measurable objectives
  4. Providing health status assessments
Which type of policy is the public health nurse engaging in when trying to reduce the speed limit around a community playground?
  1. Social policy
  2. Nursing policy
  3. Health policy
  4. Public policy
Which assessment finding will the nurse anticipate in a family in the cycle of poverty?
  1. The family has created the conditions that keep them impoverished.
  2. Members of the family have a low level of education.
  3. Poverty is created by the family’s laziness.
  4. The family has social connections and support systems.
Which action by a nurse represents engagement in political action at the workplace level?
  1. Developing billboards about the dangers of teenage vaping
  2. Being a member of a committee to promote community health screenings
  3. Joining the political action committee of a professional organization
  4. Running for a local political office
Which action would a nurse perform when involved in the development of health policy at the meso-level?
  1. Developing free statewide vaccination clinics
  2. Performing scoliosis screenings in a local elementary school
  3. Supporting a bill to reduce out-of-pocket costs for insulin
  4. Collaborating on a county disaster relief policy
Which community partners would the nurse collaborate with to determine the zoning issues involved in planning a community hiking trail?
  1. Primary community partners
  2. Secondary community partners
  3. Key community partners
  4. Elected community partners
Which type of policy brief is the public health nurse utilizing when providing city management with a summary of the latest research on how green spaces improve the health of a community?
  1. Information brief
  2. Issue brief
  3. Policy brief
  4. Policy impact brief
Which stage of the stage-sequential model of policy development is the nurse engaged in when determining the effectiveness of a policy?
  1. Policy evaluation
  2. Policy implementation
  3. Policy formulation
  4. Policy adoption
The public health nurse is involved in developing a community health program to improve nutrition using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach. Which action will the nurse take?
  1. Engage all sectors to produce change
  2. Produce change using the local health department
  3. Present a plan for change to community partners
  4. Develop short-term goals for program development
Which action by the nurse is an example of influencing social justice at the state level?
  1. Raising awareness of the need for childhood vaccinations within a community
  2. Providing health information to clients in their choice of language
  3. Educating state senators about social determinants of health
  4. Working with a national organization to advocate for health care for transgender individuals

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