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Which of the following individuals is experiencing homelessness?
  1. 17-year-old staying at friend’s house due to a disagreement with their parents
  2. 30-year-old incarcerated following an arrest for drug possession
  3. 55-year-old sleeping in a car after losing their job
  4. 40-year-old spending 40 percent of their income on rent
Which of the following is considered a primary prevention measure to address homelessness?
  1. Taking clinical medicine to the streets using mobile health vans
  2. Advocating for affordable health care
  3. Referring to social support agencies for housing assistance
  4. Assisting with locating available shelters
Agent Orange is associated with which of the following health outcomes?
  1. Traumatic brain injuries
  2. Cancer
  3. Respiratory diseases
  4. Hepatitis C
Which of the following is an example of heteronormativity in health care?
  1. Discussing oral contraception with all women of childbearing age regardless of sexual orientation
  2. Refusing care to a client based on sexual orientation or gender identity
  3. Using birth-assigned pronouns rather than client-identified pronouns
  4. Asking the client if they would like their same-sex partner included in the medical discussion
A community nurse is caring for migrant workers and their families. Which intervention by the nurse is an example of a secondary prevention measure?
  1. Educating clients on measures to reduce pesticide exposure
  2. Providing prenatal care for pregnant clients
  3. Screening children for anemia
  4. Providing referrals for mental health care
A community nurse has just started working at a migrant health center. When preparing to work with this population, what information is important for the nurse to remember?
  1. Only the men work in the fields around pesticides.
  2. Migrant workers are paid the federal minimum wage.
  3. Since they often live in employer-paid housing, housing and food insecurity is not an issue.
  4. Many children of migrant workers are forced to work alongside their parents.
Which of the following scenarios contains a barrier to care for individuals with disabilities at a clinic?
  1. The practice is very busy, and 15 minutes are allotted per client encounter.
  2. Sidewalks with curb outlets and ramps with automated door openers are available.
  3. A web-based interpreter service that is closed-captioned with large print is used.
  4. The clinic has large examination rooms with mobile medical equipment.
The nurse recognizes that the concept of universal design emphasizes which component?
  1. Disability needs
  2. Adaptation
  3. Access
  4. Security
Which of the following is considered an adverse childhood experience?
  1. Having a family member with a disability
  2. Witnessing gang violence in the community
  3. Arguing with parents over subpar schoolwork
  4. Living in an area with low socioeconomic status
The community health nurse preceptor is discussing vulnerable populations with a student. How does the nurse define a vulnerable or disadvantaged population?
  1. Groups of people with higher mortality rates
  2. Groups with a lower life expectancy
  3. Groups of people who are at increased risk for adverse health outcomes
  4. Groups experiencing homelessness and mental illness

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