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A community health clinic provides care to clients during the prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal periods. What is an example of a primary prevention intervention the community nurse at the clinic might implement?
  1. Administering Rhogam to clients who are Rh-negative
  2. Screening clients for gestational diabetes during pregnancy
  3. Providing education on prenatal nutrition and exercise to clients
  4. Administering antibiotics to prevent group B streptococcus transmission
Which educational intervention by the nurse would be most effective in promoting self-care for a childbearing client in their second trimester who is diagnosed with gestational diabetes?
  1. Providing a list of local support groups for pregnant clients with gestational diabetes
  2. Teaching the client how to monitor blood glucose levels at home
  3. Giving the client a strict diet plan to follow that limits sugars
  4. Scheduling weekly checkups to closely monitor their condition
Which health promotion intervention should the community health nurse teach to new parents to reduce the risk of sudden unexpected infant death (SUID)?
  1. Place the baby on a firm sleep surface
  2. Put the baby in the same bed as the parents
  3. Use extra blankets in the crib during sleep
  4. Position the baby on the stomach
Which action should the nurse take to promote family engagement during a community class on healthy toddler nutrition?
  1. Provide standardized healthy food guidelines to all families
  2. Learn about each family’s cultural practices and beliefs related to food and health
  3. Implement interventions related to food choices based on the nurse’s personal beliefs
  4. Encourage the family to only provide the healthy food options suggested
The community health nurse is teaching caregivers with children between 5 and 9 years of age about causes of injury in this age group. Which cause of death will the nurse include?
  1. Suicide
  2. Choking
  3. Drowning
  4. Illegal drugs
Which condition would the school nurse tell caregivers of adolescents is a protective relationship factor that can protect against suicide?
  1. Social media
  2. Family support
  3. Peer pressure
  4. Community suicide cluster
Which health disparity would the public health nurse apply when developing community adult health education programs?
  1. Men have a higher life expectancy compared to women.
  2. Women experience higher rates of cerebrovascular disease compared to men.
  3. Women have a higher mortality rate compared to men.
  4. Men experience higher rates of COPD compared to women.
The community health nurse is developing a primary prevention program for children. Which intervention would the nurse promote?
  1. Immunizations according to recommended schedules
  2. Regular vision screenings
  3. Speech therapy for children with developmental delays
  4. Medical care for health problems
Which intervention would the public health nurse implement in the community to address the Healthy People 2030 goal of reducing falls in older adults?
  1. Provide assistive ambulation devices
  2. Encourage sedentary activity
  3. Reduce inappropriate medications
  4. Ambulate only with a caregiver
The public health nurse is providing education to families of older adults in the community about risk factors for elder abuse. Which factor would the nurse include in this teaching?
  1. The older adult’s level of physical activity
  2. The frequency of visits from family and friends
  3. The presence of chronic health conditions in the older adult
  4. The presence of mental illness in the older adult

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