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Which teaching strategy should the nurse use to enhance learning when teaching a community CPR program?
  1. Use passive learning strategies
  2. Present materials from simple to complex
  3. Assume learners have the same baseline knowledge
  4. Choose one learning strategy to present material
The community health nurse is performing a community health needs assessment prior to planning a nutrition program for older adults. Which factors will the nurse identify in this needs assessment?
  1. Primary language, budget, resources
  2. Resources, strengths, land mass
  3. Enthusiasm, primary language, currents needs
  4. Strengths, resources, current needs
Which action should the nurse take when developing a community health education program based on adult learning theory?
  1. Assess what the learners already know about the topic
  2. Identify positive reinforcements to reward desired behaviors
  3. Utilize technology to increase connectivity
  4. Allow sufficient time for participant reflection
Members of the health education team are meeting to review the team’s progress. Which factor may adversely affect team communication?
  1. Frequent brainstorming sessions
  2. High level of team member engagement
  3. Low feelings of trust
  4. Team member roles being clear
Which activity will the nurse perform during the evaluation step of a health intervention program whose objective is to teach community members about identifying and reducing cardiac risk factors?
  1. Select the learning theory to be used in the program
  2. Identify what learners already know about cardiac risk factors
  3. Determine if learners can identify their cardiac risk factors
  4. Develop strategies for teaching about cardiac risk factors
A health care team is using TeamSTEPPS® to plan and implement community health programs. Which action will the team take using this framework?
  1. Share leadership responsibilities
  2. Distribute information as needed
  3. Utilize an informal communication format
  4. Employ an interdisciplinary approach
During a community assessment, the nurse identifies a need for safe after-school space for high school students to socialize, study, and play. Which basic human need does this nurse determine needs to be met?
  1. Security
  2. Physiological
  3. Esteem
  4. Self-actualization
While planning a community health education program for older adults who want to exercise more frequently, the health education team decides to ask participants to sign a contract where they agree to complete a certain level of physical activity each week. Which learning theory is the team utilizing?
  1. Connectivism
  2. Constructivism
  3. Behaviorism
  4. Humanism
The school health nurse is planning a community health education workshop on vaping for parents and caregivers of adolescents. To increase participation in the program, the nurse will use which strategy?
  1. Offer the workshop during the school day
  2. Require students to attend with their caregivers
  3. Limit the number of attendees
  4. Involve members of the Parent Teacher Association in the planning
The nurse knows which instruction method is most effective for adolescents?
  1. Providing information in small segments
  2. Including family members in the learning
  3. Connecting material to past experiences
  4. Incorporating peer activities into the learning process

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