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active listening
preparing to hear what another person is saying, receiving the sent message, and responding thoughtfully
formalized groups of various team members who actively work together toward a common goal
communication barriers
circumstances that may impede the overall outcome or block progression of a plan
community health education
the process of providing information regarding optimal health and wellness at the community level
community health needs assessment (CHNA)
identifies strengths, resources, and current needs of a community
cultural sensitivity
an awareness of similarities and differences between cultures without making value judgments about those similarities and differences
national campaigns
a series of planned activities or marketing offerings intended to communicate information to the public on a national scale
public service announcement (PSA)
a message, video, or broadcast authorized by a government agency or nonprofit organization to provide information about an issue to the public
an evidence-based set of teamwork tools aimed at optimizing client outcomes by improving communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals

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