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Which intervention would the nurse include in a plan of care for a client in the preparation stage of the transtheoretical model?
  1. Provide education on the benefits of weight loss
  2. Assist in development of realistic goals for weight loss
  3. Assist in identification of triggers for return to a sedentary lifestyle
  4. Provide positive reinforcement after starting an exercise program
A nurse using the intervention mapping framework to plan a community health program has selected activities to meet program goals. What is the next step in the framework?
  1. Draft program messages and materials
  2. Conduct a community assessment
  3. Establish community partnerships
  4. Develop evaluation methods
Which question might the nurse answer to determine if the ethical standard of proportionality will be upheld during a community health program?
  1. Do the program benefits outweigh the potential risks?
  2. Do the program planners provide rationale for program choices?
  3. Does the program decrease health inequities identified in the community?
  4. Has the target population been involved in the program planning process?
Which of the following is a physical resource that the nurse would identify during community asset mapping?
  1. Staff training and experience with program planning
  2. Educational resources in several languages
  3. A large conference room to hold meetings
  4. Advocacy for political change to advance health outcomes
Which of the following is an example of a program objective written using the SMART approach?
  1. Colon cancer screening will increase in the community.
  2. Reported alcohol use by county youth will decrease from five percent to four percent by December 31, 2025.
  3. By next year, more county residents will meet physical activity recommendations.
  4. County adult obesity rates will decrease from 60 percent to 30 percent within the next 2 months.
A nurse creating a coalition for healthy living completes which activity during step 3, develop partnership agreements, of the eight-step plan to engage potential partners and mobilize community partnerships?
  1. Identify potential partners
  2. Determine responsibilities of each partner
  3. Develop a shared purpose for the coalition
  4. Communicate evaluation results to partners
Which statement is an example of a process objective a nurse would develop for a nutrition program?
  1. By December 2024, participants will state a positive view of the nutrition program.
  2. By June 2025, participants will increase daily fruit and vegetable intake.
  3. In 6 months, 60 percent of county residents will meet daily fiber requirements.
  4. By January 2025, six “eating healthy on a budget” classes will be offered.
Which process will the nurse involved in a research study utilize to protect participant autonomy and informed consent?
  1. Obtaining Institutional Review Board approval
  2. Following Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines
  3. Ensuring Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protections
  4. Adhering to Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations
Which factor would the nurse assess to determine the social determinants of health in a community?
  1. Age of community members
  2. Physical activity
  3. Nutrition
  4. Level of education
Which belief by an individual indicates to the nurse that the individual is ready for a health change?
  1. They believe they are susceptible to a health problem.
  2. They believe the health problem is not serious.
  3. They believe taking action will have no effect on the health problem.
  4. They lack confidence in their ability to make a change.

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