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action plan
provides concrete steps of strategy implementation to achieve program goals and objectives
the resources and relationships required to implement the program
a group of people and organizations that work to address community needs and solve community problems
community engagement
the process of working collaboratively with and through groups of people to identify the health needs of community residents and strategies to address those needs
statements that explain the purpose of a program and what the program plans to accomplish
rewards used to motivate program participants to do something
logic model
a tool to visually present the relationships among resources that are used to implement a program, the activities planned, and the intended results of the program
statements of specific actions or behaviors that lead to the accomplishment of program goals
outcome objectives
the stated intended results of activities or a program, focusing on changes in knowledge, skills, and attitudes of participants and community members or changes in policies, systems, or environments
process objectives
direct activities to be completed in a specific time frame and describe participants, interactions, and activities
an organized public health action or set of related activities undertaken to achieve an intended outcome
program planning
selecting and implementing a set of activities to achieve desired health outcomes; serves as a blueprint for the coordination of resources to carry out planned activities
social networks
linkages among individuals, groups, and organizations that arise out of geographical location, work relationships, school relationships, or recreational activities
team dynamics
relationships, interactions, attitudes, and behaviors that arise when a group of individuals work together
core principles and beliefs that direct a team
a statement that articulates the desired goals that a planning team aspires to achieve

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