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A home health nurse has several clients who live in the same apartment building. In the last week, the nurse has noticed that both elevators in the four-story building are out of order. Two of the clients live on the second floor and use a wheelchair. The nurse leaves a message for the building manager describing their concern for the clients. This action describes the role of the nurse as
  1. advocate
  2. care provider
  3. consultant
  4. educator
Routine bloodwork results indicate that a client has type 2 diabetes. The client does not have any of the symptoms the nurse describes that are common with diabetes. The nurse assesses that this client is in which stage of disease?
  1. Clinical
  2. Susceptible
  3. Subclinical
  4. Underlying
An older individual attends an exercise class in the community’s parks and recreation facility at the recommendation of their primary provider. At a follow-up appointment, the client tells the nurse in the primary care office that they are unable to perform several of the exercises due to problems with vertigo and have stopped attending the classes. The nurse determines that the client is experiencing which type of negative enabling factor?
  1. Accessibility of services
  2. Availability of resources
  3. Community and/or government laws/policies
  4. Issue-related skills
An individual who is trying to lose weight is dining out with friends. While looking at the menu, they notice that the restaurant includes calorie content with all menu items. How is this information likely to impact the individual’s menu choices?
  1. It is a barrier.
  2. It is a cue to action.
  3. It is an innovation.
  4. It is perceived susceptibility.
An elementary school nurse has proposed the delivery of a healthy message through the school’s audio system every day. The principal thinks this is a new idea that hasn’t been tried before, the intercom system is easy to use and readily available, and students tend to listen to the announcements provided. The principal is likely applying which theory or model in making their decision?
  1. The socio-ecological model
  2. The health belief model
  3. The transtheoretical model
  4. The diffusion of innovations theory
A public health nurse is working with community members to develop a walking trail to encourage residents to be outdoors and engage in exercise. Which level of prevention is this nurse practicing?
  1. Primordial
  2. Primary
  3. Secondary
  4. Tertiary
A community health nurse is developing a community-wide health promotion program to reduce high blood pressure in community members. Which sectors will the nurse need to work with to develop this program?
  1. The health sector only
  2. The combined roles of multiple sectors
  3. The health sector and the food and agriculture sector
  4. Different sectors for each individual
A public health nurse is working in a rural community. Community members have expressed concerns about the distance necessary to travel and the time it takes to receive medical care. The nurse collaborates with a hospital in the closest city to establish a mobile clinic that visits the community once a week. What enabling factor did the nurse target to improve population health?
  1. Availability of health care services
  2. Individual behaviors and lifestyle choices
  3. Genetic predisposition to disease
  4. Social and cultural norms
A densely populated urban area has a high prevalence of obesity among the residents. The local government is partnering with the health department to build parks and recreation centers to promote physical activity. Which of the following is the most likely system-related barrier the program faces?
  1. Genetic predisposition to obesity
  2. Lack of community engagement
  3. Individual client attitudes and beliefs
  4. Limited financial resources
During the COVID-19 pandemic, a public health department wanted to introduce a smartphone application (app) that could track and notify individuals who came into close contact with a confirmed case. However, the department encountered challenges in gaining widespread acceptance and adoption of the new technology. Which concept from the diffusion of innovations theory likely influenced the implementation of the app?
  1. Trialability
  2. Observability
  3. Relative advantage
  4. Compatibility

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