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Which activity would the nurse perform when engaged in population health activities?
  1. Treating an individual for a specific disease
  2. Improving health outcomes for groups of people
  3. Evaluating a family’s ability to care for a child with diabetes
  4. Teaching a client health promotion behaviors
Which method would the nurse utilize when taking an individual-level approach to smoking cessation?
  1. Forming a smoking cessation support group
  2. Promoting an increase on taxes on the purchase of tobacco
  3. Providing nicotine gum to a client to substitute for an inhaled tobacco product
  4. Researching the reasons for initiation of tobacco use
Which central tenet of population health should the nurse include when planning population health priorities?
  1. Proactively promoting health among populations
  2. Reactively managing health conditions
  3. Treating diseases in individual people
  4. Focusing on increasing the number of hospitals
Which action by the nurse represents a midstream approach to improving population health outcomes?
  1. Advocating for policy changes regarding fast food
  2. Providing a workplace lunchtime walking program
  3. Encouraging a client to lose weight
  4. Starting a support group for smoking cessation
Which action by the nurse promotes population health?
  1. Providing treatment for chronic disease
  2. Conducting health education workshops
  3. Offering individual health consultations
  4. Administering medication for acute illnesses
Which data should the nurse utilize to determine the leading cause of death across the population?
  1. Infant mortality
  2. Life expectancy
  3. Morbidity rate
  4. General mortality
Which potential barrier of siloed health care should the nurse consider when planning health promotion activities?
  1. Providers and specialists working closely together to improve outcomes
  2. Treating one disease at a time without evaluating or addressing the full picture of health
  3. Health systems becoming effectively integrated
  4. An emphasis on population health and health promotion
Which action is a characteristic of population-based nursing practice?
  1. Taking a proactive approach to promoting wellness and preventing disease
  2. Emphasizing curative care rather than preventive care
  3. Focusing on reactive approaches to managing acute illnesses
  4. Providing care only outside of hospital settings
Which concept should the nurse utilize when planning transitional care for a population?
  1. Providing care in multiple areas of the care continuum to address all client needs
  2. Reactively managing health conditions during transitions between health care sites
  3. Preventing hospital readmissions and adverse events
  4. Coordinating clients as they move between care settings
Which health service along the health care continuum would the nurse utilize for a client with health care needs related to a chronic condition?
  1. A preventive health program
  2. An ambulatory care clinic
  3. An acute care department
  4. A long-term care facility

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