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Case Study

a. This question is important to determine whether he has had a recent positive or negative result before today’s visit.
c. Tuberculosis is a mycobacterium and will not grow on the other types of cultures listed.

Review Questions

a. Ceftriaxone is the treatment of choice for gonorrheal infections.
c. It is important that clients receive the HPV vaccine before becoming sexually active, if possible, to provide maximal protection against the HPV strains most likely to cause cancer.
b. A toxic effect of ethambutol is the loss of ability to distinguish between the colors red and green, warranting a change in drug therapy.
d. Multiple tuberculosis medications are hepatotoxic, so liver function is essential to monitor.
c. Lindane is the only listed agent that acts against lice infestation.
a. The CD4 count determines the degree of immune system degradation that has occurred, with lower values indicating worsened immune function. HIV viral load is not a laboratory test.
b. Elvitegravir is the only listed agent that works as an integrase inhibitor to prevent the incorporation of viral DNA into human DNA.
d. Sulfamethoxazole contains a sulfonamide group and could cause a cross-sensitivity in the client.
c. Clostridioides difficile is responsible for causing colitis and severe diarrhea after taking clindamycin.
d. Tetracyclines should not be used if the client is pregnant.

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