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Review Questions

d. Cell-mediated immunity is primarily responsible for recognizing and attacking infected cells, including viral cells.
c. When treating RA, hydroxychloroquine is used to modify the disease progression by reducing joint inflammation and preventing joint damage.
a. Biologic drugs, particularly tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) inhibitors, can increase the risk of reactivating latent tuberculosis.
c. The five cardinal signs of inflammation are redness (rubor), swelling (tumor), warmth (calor), pain (dolor), and loss of function (functio laesa).
c. 800 m g ÷ 200 m g = 4 t a b l e t s
d. A vaccine is a medication containing weakened or killed pathogens or antigens, given to prevent future infections, while an immunization is the process of administering a vaccine.
c. NSAIDs can cause irritation and damage to the gastrointestinal lining, resulting in gastrointestinal bleeding.
a. Red meat is high in purines, which can increase uric acid levels and exacerbate gout symptoms.
c. In active immunity, the body's immune system actively responds to the presence of an antigen, such as a vaccine, and produces its own antibodies. The client receives long-lasting protection from future infections due to the development of memory cells. On the other hand, passive immunity involves the transfer of pre-formed antibodies from an external source, such as immune globulin or maternal antibodies, providing immediate but temporary protection.
d. Divide the prescribed dose (40 mg) by the concentration of the adalimumab solution (40 mg/0.8 mL); 40 m g ÷ 40 m g / 0.8 m L = 0.8 m L .

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