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Maternal Newborn Nursing

Check Your Understanding Questions

Maternal Newborn NursingCheck Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
When educating the birthing parent on infant feeding, what are some questions that the nurse should ask first?
2 .
When talking to the birthing parent about their newborn’s voiding and stooling patterns, what would be important to ask and address?
3 .
What effects would the nurse discuss regarding the vaccination given prior to going home?
4 .
What are the most common causes of hypoglycemia in newborns?
5 .
What is true about newborn bacterial infections?
6 .
During a neonatal assessment, which finding, other than low body temperature, is the most indicative of neonatal hypothermia?
7 .
One major differentiating factor among the four kinds of neonatal jaundice is the timing of when the jaundice first occurs. Which jaundice occurs in the first 24 hours and may otherwise be known as “pathologic” jaundice?
8 .
While a newborn nurse is assessing the respirations of a neonate, what findings would cause the nurse concern?
9 .
What risk factors are concerning for SIDS in a newborn?

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