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World History Volume 2, from 1400

Application and Reflection Questions

World History Volume 2, from 1400Application and Reflection Questions

Application and Reflection Questions

1 .
What were the causes of the Protestant Reformation? What did the Council of Trent do to address those problems?
2 .
In what ways did Martin Luther’s beliefs differ from those of the Roman Catholic Church? What challenges to Catholic doctrine were introduced by other reformers?
3 .
In your opinion, did the religious zeal of Spain and Portugal help them accomplish their goals or interfere with their accomplishment? Explain your answer.
4 .
Imagine a world in which the Columbian Exchange did not occur. What would that world look like today? Why?
5 .
Consider the ways in which mercantilism benefited and harmed people in the nations that adopted it. Was mercantilism an ethical policy, or did it encourage exploitation? Why?
6 .
What did Jean-Baptiste Colbert do to enrich France? In what ways were his actions guided by mercantilist theory?
7 .
How did mercantilism influence the relationship between European nations and their colonies?
8 .
What were some of the ways in which slavery benefited Europeans?
9 .
What were some ways enslaved persons maintained their dignity and humanity amid their hardship?
10 .
How is the legacy of the transatlantic slave trade still affecting Africa today?
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