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World History Volume 1, to 1500

D | Recommended Resources for the Study of World History

World History Volume 1, to 1500D | Recommended Resources for the Study of World History

How to Study World History

World History Sources includes various strategies for analyzing historical documents.

Resources for Primary Sources

World History Encyclopedia includes timelines and primary sources.

Digital Public Library of America: Primary Source Sets includes collections of primary sources.

DocsTeach includes many primary sources.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project includes historical texts.

Library of Congress: World Digital Library Collection presents various historical documents.

MIT Visualizing Cultures aims to reconstruct the past.

Smithsonian Collections showcases the Smithsonian’s vast collection of objects from the natural and cultural world.

Resources for Maps Maps includes many different maps.

CIA World Factbook presents a variety of world, regional, and country maps.

National Geographic MapMaker connects to an interactive mapmaking tool.

Resources for Videos

CrashCourse World History includes brief educational videos on a variety of world history topics.

Website Collections

World History Matters is a collection of various historical websites.

Roy Rosenzweig Center for history and New Media includes access to online resources for teachers, online collections, exhibits and collecting sites, and open-source software.

Resources for Art History

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History includes collections from various periods of world history.

SmartHistory presents an art history overview and collections organized by religion and time period.

Magazine Articles

BBC’s History Extra


The Almost Forgotten

BBC’s History Extra

The Fall of Civilizations

Fifteen Minute History

The History Chicks

The Ancients

The History of Rome

Not Just the Tudors


The History of the Twentieth Century

The Cold War Vault

The History of China

The China History Podcast

The History of Japan

New Books Network

3D Tours

Virtual Rome: What Did Ancient Rome Look Like?

Virtual Tour in Ancient Athens (5th century BC) – 3D Reconstruction

Virtual Museum Content

Natural History Museum

The British Museum

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